Day 139 – 9\17\15

26 miles

2516.7 total miles

PCT mile 2482

    There are 2 ways to hike the 178 mile stretch between Snoqualmie Pass and Stehekin.  The first way is to hike 78 miles, hitch into Skykomish and resupply, then hike 100 miles to Stehekin.  This is what most of our fellow hikers are doing.  Or, you can pile 7-8 days of food in your pack and walk the whole 178 miles at one time.  This is what J-Walk and I are doing.  We realize now that time is almost up, and hitching in and out of town would take a lot of time.  It’s getting really cold and it will only get colder.

    Today could have been way worse than it was.  We only planned to hike 26 miles but there were 5 huge climbs with over 6000 feet of elevation gain.  The terrain was also very challenging, it consists of large loose rocks which you have to glue your eyes to when you’re walking or else you’ll roll your ankle, or stub your toes.  As a hiker you dream of walking on trails of packed dirt and pine needles, but in Washington you rarely get your wish.  But the worst part of today was the rain.  We had seen the weather report and we were dreading this day.  The rain was sporadic for the first half of the day, but as we hiked on the amount of rain increased.  One of the hard things we had to deal with today was when we wanted to break for lunch it was raining so hard, that it was not worth stopping because we could get our gear wet while exposing our food bags, and we would freeze if we stopped so we pushed on for 20 miles into Stevens Pass.

    Luckily there was an espresso shop with sandwiches that we gorged on.  We bought a few extra snacks and a mocha and had a picnic.  As we saw all the cold wet hikers come in and look for rides into town we went back out into the rain and hiked on for 6 more miles.  The rain was very consistent through this section, however we found a tree that gave us enough shelter to set up our tent and get comfortable.  We finished watching the movie Encino Man and went to bed.  I hope tomorrow is nicer.

DSC01144 DSC01146 DSC01145

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DSC01180 DSC01184 DSC01185

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