Day 137 – 9\15\15

27 miles

2463.4 total miles

PCT mile 2428.7

     I was laying in my hotel room doing my blogs late at night.  I started doing it at 1:00am a little hungover and just as I updated my last blog the alarm went off to get up at 5:30.  So I thought I was going to have a rough day.  We had over 5000 feet of elevation gain in the 27 miles we wanted to go.  

    J-Walk was really good to me this morning, she was so sweet that I had a great attitude about our hike even though I didn’t sleep.  We shipped off from town at 8:00am and went up into the Alpine Lakes Wilderness.  It did not disappoint.  Once we got our 2600 foot climb out of the way we were rewarded with the greatest views of the trail.  There were huge glaciated mountains that were straight up and down.  The fall colors are also popping right now, making our views even better.  

    We heard a blasting crew fixing the trial today.  The plastic explosives made the hugest sound and the sound just echoed for along time in the canyon before going quiet.

    It started out really overcast and cold but the sun peeked out a few times.  We got to a really nice secluded camp and had dinner looking at some snow covered cliffs.  Just as we fell asleep together it started to rain.  I hope it doesn’t freeze because we are near 5000 feet.

DSC01066 DSC01116~2 DSC01102~2

DSC01093~2 DSC01092~3 DSC01069~2

DSC01073 DSC01067 DSC01068

DSC01070 DSC01071 DSC01073

DSC01072 DSC01075 DSC01074

DSC01078 DSC01077 DSC01076

DSC01080 DSC01079 DSC01082

DSC01081 DSC01084 DSC01083

DSC01086 DSC01085 DSC01087

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DSC01107 DSC01106 DSC01109

DSC01108 DSC01111 DSC01110

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