Day 138 – 9\16\15

27.3 miles

2490.7 total miles

PCT mile 2456


    As I layed in the tent trying to sleep, I heard a gentle rain, and wondered what kind of day it was going to be.  But as I woke up there were breaks in the clouds and thought maybe it wasn’t going to rain after all.  I still packed my bag like I would if there was going to be rain, that way I wouldn’t be caught off guard and risk soaking my stuff.  The worst thing that could happen to me in Washington is my gear getting soaked, especially when I am still 5 days from town.  I have always tried to wash my socks everyday in the streams and then I Bobby pin them to my bag to dry out.  But in Washington it can be sunny and your socks will still be damp at the end of the day.

    Today we are hiking in some of the most rugged terrain that we have had since the High Sierras.  The elevation charts look like a cardiographic readout.  We will gain over 5000-6000 feet in our 27 miles.  We are also carrying our largest food carry so the weight is putting extra pressure on your feet and joints.  But the thought of only having a little over a week before we finish is driving the car.  We carry on like drones, trying to forget the pain by being positive and reflecting on the journey.

    Today we hiked more through the Alpine Lakes Wilderness and I gotta say it’s very pretty out here.  I never knew how beautiful the state I have been living in the last 15 years, was.  These mountains are unlike anything else this states has to offer.  The trees and bushes are so colorful and playful.  The views are completely magnified this time of year because you get layers of colors all over the mountain side.  But the chill in the air keeps us speeding through.  We can’t stall too much or we could end up not finishing.

DSC01120 DSC01121 DSC01122

DSC01123 DSC01124 DSC01125

DSC01126 DSC01128 DSC01127

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DSC01139 DSC01141 DSC01142

DSC01143 DSC01140~2 DSC01137~2


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