Day 136 – 9\14\15

8.9 miles

2436.4 total miles

PCT mile 2401.9

  Today was wet and cold and we only had 9 miles of hiking so we packed up super quick and got a move on.  Shadow Hawk with an injured knee walked ahead of us, because he wanted pancakes at Snoqualmie Pass.  Jess and I didn’t stop for anything we were hungry, but most importantly dirty.  I wanted a shower so bad.  Also my air mattress was coming in my care package, no more sleeping on the cold ground.  

   We have been walking through the most beautiful fall colors lately, everything looks electric out here.  

   When we arrived at Snoqualmie Pass we saw our friend Greg (whatever) who we haven’t seen for over 2000 miles.  Then we saw Rachel(chef) and Nathan (vulture) we haven’t seen them since Kennedy Meadows South when Vulture had to take a break due to his feet killing him.  He joined back up with Chef in Ashland.  They all left today, but we stayed at the Summit Inn.


I found an awesome brewery called Dru Bru.  The beer was so good I had enough beer to block my memory of the last 3 hours of my night.  As we were at Dru Bru we met an awesome couple(Mathew and Christina) from Seattle that was just passing through.  They taught us a card game called Kings in the corner, which was a blast.  They saw us back to the hotel and gave us a bunch of food for the next leg of our journey.

 This was the best shower I’ve ever had in my life.  Not showering for over 10 days is tough especially when you are working out every day all day.

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