Day 135 – 9\13\15

24.4 miles

2427.5 total miles

PCT mile 2393.1

    As we were eating breakfast I noticed a guy with a straw hat and asked J-Walk if that belonged to Shadow Hawk, but I only noticed him from the back and his walk looked abnormal.  J-Walk assured me that he was way ahead of us.  The last time we saw shadow hawk was Kennedy Meadows South, about 1700 miles ago.  We saw him name soon after in a log book and he was over a week ahead of us.  Shadow Hawk and Scarecrow (the name of his hat, and an easy thing to recognize him by) were doing about 34 miles a day.  

    We put our tent away and sped off.  We found a little trail magic, a guy named Not Phil’s Dad was searching up hot dogs and sodas.  And low and behold, it was our old old friend Shadow Hawk sitting alone in the canopy eating a hot dog.  We sat down and enjoyed the company of Not Phil’s Dad and Shadow Hawk.  It was super nice to catch up.  Shadow Hawk walked up Baden Powell with us and formed the most thought provoking and life aware conversations out of anyone we met. We hiked and talked for hours that day.  But he did the Appalachian Trail and was in serious shape, so he went ahead only to be seen in the log books.

    Shadow Hawk had hurt his knee and has been taking lots time to heal it, which allowed our reconnection.  After a brief hot dog.  We all walked together again and talked a lot about various social and mental problems.  It was nice talking again with our friend and hopefully now that he is slowing down due to his knee, we will be able to finish together.

    The day was very cloudy and cold today, I hope there is some nice weather on the way.  We stayed at an awesome hidden campsite on Mirror Lake.

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  • Joy says:

    Loved reading your blog and seeing your photos. Nice to hear you were able to meet up and visit with Shadow Hawk, hope his knee gets better.

    Life The Way It Should Be
    by Taylor Jordao

    Tell me what do you see
    Purple, green, and gold,
    Mountain peaks that touch the sky
    Little black birds flying by

    Sun setting in the west
    Flowers in the east,
    Calm, relaxing breeze
    And forests filled with trees

    Tell me what do you see
    The sky starts to fade as night approaches
    Animals will soon come out
    The spring is ending without a doubt

    Fall is coming near
    Cold weather’s on its way,
    Flowers start to die
    Birds go south, bye bye.

    Tell me what do you see
    Happiness, love, and beauty,
    Everyone is free
    Life the way it should be.

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