Day 131 – 9\9\15

28.7 miles

2328.3 total miles

PCT mile 2295.2

   After the usual morning rituals, we headed out in Goat Rocks wilderness probably J-Walks favorite place on the planet to date.  I however have never been, and looking at the 6000 feet of elevation gain we have today scared me a bit. But the weather was going to be sunny with literally no overcast. One thing we haven’t had for well over a month is a clear day.  Ever since Northern California we have either been swarmed by forest fire smoke, or it has been cloudy and rainy.  So today was going to be amazing.

    We hustled through the first part which was mostly forested until we climbed our first hill.  We got some amazing view of Adams for the first time.  The forest teased us with tons of red bushes crowding our path.  After getting up the next ridge I realized why J-Walk loves this area so much.  You have Mt. Rainer in front of you, and Mt. Adams behind you.  As you walk across the ridges you get the most amazing views of these mountains and you can’t help but to take tons of pictures.  The views just kept getting better and better with every step.  We now could see Old Snowy and the beautiful jagged cliffs of Goat Rock.  As we approached Old Snowy we realized that it had been 18 miles and I needed food so we found a place at the bottom of Old Snowy and had food.  Then we turned off the trail and summited Old Snowy.  It was the most amazing view on the trail so far.  But we weren’t even done with Goat rocks.  After Old Snowy we went through Knife’s Edge a steep ridge that had a severe drop off on both sides of us.  This is where my jaw hit the ground.  This hike reminded me of my favorite hike Munra.  After going down the steep rocky cliffs of Knife’s Edge I finally got to see my spirit animal a herd of Mountain Goats.  Jessica and I just stared at these creatures eating and enjoying themselves.  They didn’t seem to care about us.  Goats are pretty amazing creatures.  They can jump from a standstill up to 9 feet and land on sharp rocks using their hooves like pliers to grip the rocks.

   After the excitement it was time to find a place to sleep.  We hiked another 9 miles to a camp site with a tasty stream of water.  I have never felt so sore in all my life, but today was totally worth it.

DSC00877 DSC00879 DSC00878

DSC00881 DSC00874 DSC00873

DSC00870 DSC00871 DSC00866

DSC00864 DSC00862 DSC00858

DSC00857 DSC00863~2 DSC00876~2

DSC00906~2 DSC00907~2 DSC00915~2

DSC00916~2 DSC00897 DSC00893

DSC00894 DSC00895 DSC00892

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DSC00901 DSC00900 DSC00904

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DSC00909 DSC00914 DSC00917

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  • Joy says:

    Blue Sky
    by Amitav Radiance
    A sky so blue
    Beatific smile of Sun
    Swathes the vastness
    Welcoming with open arms
    My gleeful heart
    Reaches out to the sky
    Oh so like the feeling
    Joyous jig, to celebrate
    Unleashed dreams
    I release them to the wind
    They fly high
    Among the blue
    Taste of freedom
    Feels so great
    My dreams have taken flight
    My feet on the ground
    And my dreams soaring high
    A feeling of euphoria
    As I kiss the wind
    I feel lighter
    My eyes are brighter
    Hope resides in my heart
    With the sky above me
    A shade of blue
    Oh so true
    A new day and hope
    I embrace the landscape
    Proud I am
    To feel this beauty
    I am a part of it
    Welcomed by bright sunrays
    Feel free to express
    When the sky breaks into laughter
    Playfully indulge in a light banter
    You are here
    Welcomed by a bright new day
    Regaled by the birds’ songs
    Intoxicating aroma of Nature
    Along with a sky so blue

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