Day 133 – 9\11\15

25.9 miles

2377 total mile

PCT mile 2342.6

   I realized that my body wants to allow down a bit in Washington.  Not just because I’m almost done and I want to savor the moment, but because the terrain is really tough.  We have been ascending well over 5000 feet of elevation every day, even on our road walk.  Our bodies are yelling at us to slow down.  

    We have been finding less and less PCT hikers lately.  Where did they all go?  Did they skip, quit, switch directions, finish?  J-Walk and I have been pretty much on our own since we started Washington.  This is awesome for us because we like seclusion, but this state is amazing.  Ever since we got over the bridge of the Gods, we have seen so much life and color.  Goat rocks was stunning, and the reds, yellows, oranges, and greens are making for a vibrant fall.  The times we spent struggling up steep hillsides and ridges always pay off with views of infinite forests and mountain ranges.  

    Today J-Walk and I found a beautiful lake with Sandy beaches and decided that a bath was in order and since we have seen nobody but hunter, that we could just go nude.  The water was freezing but refreshing, because the day was so hot.  We sat around and enjoyed our lunch and just slowed down.  After the lake we still had some miles, but we stopped early because we saw a huge display of 50-60 Mountain Goats eating on a mountain side.  We set up our tent right under them and had our dinner while we watched these awesome creatures eat.  I’ve never really seen mountain goats before so I never realized how big they are.  It’s also amazing that they can stand and walk on such steep cliffs.  25 miles seemed like 30 today but it was an amazing day.

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