Day 134 – 9\12\15

26.1 miles

2403.1 total miles

PCT mile 2368.7

    Today we woke up and watched the mountain goats slowly wake up and start grazing on the mountain side.  I wish I had a zoomable camera so I could show you the mountain goats, but I don’t have one.

     J-Walk and I have barely seen any hikers lately, only hunters.  It’s now hunting season so we have naturally passed a ton hunters.  As you pass through this trail especially places like Goat Rocks you see a lot of signs that say no weapons or hunting.  It doesn’t seem to matter to hunters, there are no rangers or officials checking so why not.  I’m not sure where I stand on hunting.  Most hunters I’ve know have a very deep respect for the wilderness and would love to see it restored someday, and on the other hand I don’t understand why you need to take an animal’s life if meat is already so abundant at the supermarket.  I grew up in a family of hunters and I have never really seen a problem with it.  I would never do it, but I love fishing, and I guess that is taking a creature’s life as well.

    Today was a fairly easy day as far as climbing and mileage were concerned.  We only did about 25 miles and the climbs were pretty small.  We said goodbye to Mt. Rainer today, it always amazes me looking at Mt. Rainer.  It is a huge mountain all by itself.  The summit is probably near 13,000 feet but there aren’t any mountains over 7,000 feet anywhere near it.  It’s a volcano that stands all by itself.  As most mountains they get their name from war hero’s, the Indians used to call this mountain Mt. Tacoma.

      It’s been since Cascade Locks over 200 miles where i took my last shower and it’s starting to bother me.   My face is salty and my shirt feels like cardboard.  I can’t wait to get to Snoqualmie Pass where I have a room already reserved.  What I would give for a bath right now.

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  • ora exacta says:

    Am aflat aceasta pagina, dupa ce am cautat despre ANTISOCIAL MT.
    RAINER pe Google. Se pare ca informatia dvs e foarte valoroasa, mai ales
    ca am mai gasit aici si despre ora, ora exacta, lucruri interesante si folositoare.

    Mult succes in continuare!

  • Joy says:

    “The highest and most imposing mountain in our country, outside of Alaska, is Mount Rainier – Tahoma, the Indians called it – “the mountain that was God.” It is the representative of the Cascades, and the crown of the Puget Sea. One’s first view of Rainier, or Tacoma, can never be forgotten…. It is the chosen Apollo among these giant cones that show themselves to men, — rising in one majestic sweep from the surge of the Puget Sea to the stars of Heaven….” –John Wesley Carter, From the Heights, 1911

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