my gear for the next 6 months

This is it.  This is what’s in my pack besides food.  When ever selecting your gear try to think of several uses for each item.  If an item has one use, you should ask yourself if its absolutely necessary.  An example, my snow tent pole can be used to dig holes for poo.  The tip of a smart water bottle can back flush the sawyer squeeze.  My tiny zrest can provide extra protection for my thermarest where it might get popped, be used as a seat, and also used to stabalize my bear vault.

It also pays to hand make your own gear.  Sewing my guitar gig bag not only saved me 12 ounces of weight.  It is waterproof.  I also replaced the chrome machine heads with aluminum.  And stripped all the labels and logos off everything.  Grams make ounces. Ounces make pounds, pounds make misery.

Also you will need a lot of shoes.  Tons of shoes.

IMG_0074~2 IMG_0077

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  • Matt Matyas says:

    This blog is really amazing – thanks for pointing me to it when I saw you at Holly’s wedding! I’m reading through all your adventures & checking out the pictures; you captured the highs & the lows very well I can already see!

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