Munra Point. My favorite hike.

I’ve done this hike over 8 times in the past 2 years. This hike is very hard to find. So I took some pictures of landmarks to help you find it. Be prepared to sweat. Although is only 6 miles round trip, and only 1870′ elevation gain total… You climb 1700 feet in the last mile.  I love hiking in the gorge but a lot of the hikes are very crowded.  Not this one.  It is unmarked, and very steep, sometimes you have to climb up a big boulder. but it isn’t that start at the Wahclellah Falls trailhead.  Then walk back toward the road and look for this sign:

963752_372492799518886_471836275_o Then this turn off to your left you’ll see a sign that says trail 400975990_372492939518872_213732307_o hike for about a mile parallel to I-84 until you see a bridge on your right.

966155_372493632852136_631550625_o This bridge crosses moffet Creek.  When you see this bridge look to your left and you should see an unmarked trail.  go 50 feet up that trail and there is a tiny sign that looks like this966435_372493722852127_375552318_o.  You are on the right path and you are about to go up, up, up, up, up.  When ever you come to a fork in the road always choose the one that goes UP.  you will hike about 3/4 of a mile and come to a junction.  If you go right you will have your first beautiful view point perfect for a picture or a snack.  this is what it looks like. 980627_372495276185305_2116109524_o

Then just keep going up.  if the path stops and you don’t know which way to go.  Climb the boulder in front of you and you will eventually make it to an awesome summit with a 360 degree view of the gorge, the Oregon forest, Bonneville damn, and Washington.  You will love it.  I do and I have taken all my friends.  Also after you summit you can go hiking along the ridge line as far into the forest as you’l like.

980627;kljgt_372495276185305_2116109524_o 964502_372495706185262_958883461_o 944107_372495976185235_123666254_n

310185_372497356185097_1752256392_n 21154_372497316185101_1487622185_n 979892_372497899518376_85565954_o

977497_372498622851637_1173852894_o 980044_372498859518280_757037373_o photo 2 (3)

photo (4) 977249_372499226184910_131677685_o 970718_372499359518230_845270788_n

Iphone1-1-15_539[1] 976190_372498899518276_2037993297_oSummit. When I find a more beautiful hike I will let you know.


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