Tanner Butte

Jessica and I were laying around on a Tuesday afternoon bored and out of the blue we decided to go backpacking for a night.  We frantically packed our bags grabbed some trail goodies and hit the road with only a few hours of daylight remaining.   We got to toothrock trailhead and fired up the steep mountain, like we were shot out of a cannon.  We decided that if we hiked fast we could make it to Dublin lake before dark, and that’s what we did.  We had the whole lake to ourselves.  It felt good accomplishing a goal, when a few hours prior I was just sitting in front of a tv, depressed, and bored.  We made dinner on an alcohol stove and enjoyed the sun set.  We woke up early and went for the summit.  It was a perfect day,  it was a little hazy in the distance from all the Forrest fires.  But that just added to the natural beauty.   We took in the panoramic view and started our descent toward eagle creek.  It was full of great views and waterfalls.  We ended up hiking 23.6 miles with 4550 feet of elevation gain.














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