A great hike on the South Sister

Jessica, Brittany, Nate and I decided to tackle The South of the 3 sister in the Deschutes national forest 8/19/14.    The three sisters are all volcanoes and the most Southern one is named Charity, it is the youngest and tallest of the 3 sisters.  It has been dormant for over 2,000 years.  The Trail is a 12.5 mile round trip hike that gains 5900 feet of elevation.  Definitely a doosy.  The trail starts at 5446 feet and the summit is 10,358. At the Top of the South Sister there is a frozen over lake called Tear Drop Lake that is the tallest lake in Oregon.

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It started out the most beautiful day and as we were at the summit the clouds and wind came in reassuring our decision to hike down.  If you are attempting this hike please know that it is pretty tough and long.  The last 3 miles is very steep and it is on loose red rocks and scree.  For every 3 steps forward you slide back 1.  Bring something warm, because the weather can change in seconds.







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